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Bank Fraud, Mail Fraud & Wire Fraud

For more than 20 years, Christopher Amolsch has defended senior executives, public figures and other individuals in a wide range of fraud prosecutions including:

  • Obtained multiple mail and wire fraud acquittals in a multi-week federal trial for the Vice President of a government contracting firm prosecuted for the theft of corporate assets and trade secretsObtained multiple fraud and embezzlement acquittals in a federal trial alleging the theft of bank funds
  • Negotiated immunity for a senior bank official in a $1M+ federal bank fraud investigation.
  • Represented the President of government contracting firm prosecuted for a multimillion dollar fraud and money laundering scheme related to the $1.4B Afghanistan reconstruction effort.
  • Represented the CEO of a private equity firm in New York as part of a multimillion dollar fraud prosecution
  • Represented an individual prosecuted in federal court in Florida as part of the $24M McDonald's Monopoly conspiracy made famous in the HBO documentary McMillions.
  • Represented the President of a multi-state commercial construction company in a multimillion dollar bank fraud and money laundering prosecution
  • Represented a private equity investor in a multimillion dollar bank fraud and money laundering prosecution
  • Represented a real estate investor in a federal prosecution for wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering
  • Represented a Maryland attorney in a multimillion dollar bank fraud and mortgage fraud investigation
  • Represented a former Washington NFL football player charged with mail and investment fraud.