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OMID Recommends Christopher Amolsch

Dear Mr. Amolsch Good morning,

I do not know how to start and how to thank you for all the things you have done for me. During my life time I had to obtain the services of few lawyers, but I have to tell you that what you did in my case was far exceeded my expectations, the way you handheld the case, the occasions that you went out of your way to accommodate different situations, and how hard you fought for me. During my trial, I not only felt that I had a very good, professional lawyer representing me but also I felt a presence of a caring friend next to me, and that feeling my friend, is something priceless that money can not buy. And now I know that I have a good lawyer and a good friend that I can count on in troubled times. Sometimes words are not able to express the feelings and sense of appreciation one might have, and this is one of those times, I wish I could find the words to express how thankful I am for all you have done for me, but no words can really do the job.

Please let me know if I can do any thing to really justify all you have done for me.

Thank you so much again,