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Money Laundering, Bulk Cash Smuggling, Structuring & Counterfeiting

For more than 20 years, Christopher Amolsch has defended senior executives, public figures and other individuals in a wide range of financial crime prosecutions including:

  • Charges dismissed in a federal prosecution against a business owner charged with structuring currency transactions as part of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding
  • Charges dismissed against a business owner in a federal prosecution charged with attempting to smuggle bulk cash into Syria
  • Investigation terminated in a multimillion dollar federal investigation into the laundering of alleged drug proceeds
  • Investigation terminated in a federal prosecution against a business owner for currency structuring and money laundering in relation to business profit and gambling winnings
  • Investigation terminated in an investigation by the Virginia Office of the Attorney General against a business owner for money laundering
  • Represented a foreign national prosecuted in a $70M counterfeiting and RICO conspiracy, the largest ever counterfeiting prosecution of its kind.
  • Represented the President of a government contracting firm prosecuted for a multimillion dollar fraud and money laundering scheme related to the $1.4B Afghanistan reconstruction effort
  • Represented the President of an $8M hospital and health care non profit prosecuted for money laundering and tax evasion
  • Represented the owner of a chain of gas stations in a tax evasion and currency structuring prosecution