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Computer Crimes and Hacking

For more than 20 years, Christopher Amolsch has defended senior executives, public figures and other individuals in a wide range of internet and computer crime prosecutions including:

  • Represented the leader of Razor 1911 and DrinkOrDie, at the time the world's oldest warez and demo group, in a federal criminal copyright and hacking prosecution.
  • Represented a member of Apocalypse Production Crew, thought to be first organized ‘warez‘ group to coordinate the pre-release uploading of mp3s to the Internet, in a federal criminal copyright prosecution.
  • Represented the Vice President of a government contracting firm accused of the unauthorized access of a protected computer (hacking) as part of a federal corporate espionage prosecution.
  • Represented the owner and founder of a multi-million dollar internet company promoting adult websites, spamming millions of email addresses and consulting for various adult entertainment dance clubs.
  • Represented a suspected leader of Anonymous before a federal Grand Jury.